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The best ocean podcast comes in stranger ways. Plastic comes in even stranger ways. What’s the source of ocean pollution? Find out. Chime in. Leave a voice message. A podcast about the nature of the ocean and ocean pollution solutions, explored by a community of individuals who want change.

Disclaimer: No affiliation with 4Ocean National Geographic or Animal Planet. Save The Ocean Podcast is presented by Mountain Ocean Project an environmental organization based out of Galveston, TX. TBH we wish we were partners with these brands. We’ve tried many times, many formats, many media platforms. No joke, Blockbuster could of bought Netflix. I see 4Ocean as a brother. They’re really doing amazing things.

We are fouced on the source and truth about ocean pollution. Save The Ocean Podcast is a podcast about nature. STOP ocean pollution. We’re kidding about being the best, but we know we got a good heart. STOP is a podcast about environmentalism. It’s a podcast about marine biology. We are here to fight for the ocean. Every minute a dump truck filled with plastic enters our oceans.

It’s about time we change. Every view of our podcast removes a pound of trash from the ocean. Every download removes a pound of trash from the ocean.

The host is of STOP is me. Let me introduce myself. I’m Austen Anderson and thank you for joining me. I graduated with a bachelor’s in marine biology from Texas A&M University of Galveston.

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My environmental organization has removed over 7,000 pounds of trash from the oceans. Beach cleanups are great, but they ain’t the answer. 4ocean is the top ocean conservation organization in the world. Guess what they’re focused on beach cleanups, so are we. But this is not the answer. We need innovative ideas to stop plastic pollution, so this is the point of this podcast. More brainpower makes dreams come true. Lets STOP ocean pollution at the source.

If you’re not so sure what the source of ocean pollution is well that’s fine, its complicated. Let’s figure this out together we have our ideas to end ocean pollution. What’re your ideas, what are your thoughts? HIT US UP. Does 4Ocean ask its people for solutions or do they think they have the solution? Well they don’t.

Plastic will keep littering our beaches as long as we keep producing new plastic. Follow as we expose the problems and tell you the truth. Beach cleanups should be the last option not our first. STOP plastic from getting to our beaches with MOP and STOP. The nature podcast, the ocean podcast, the ocean pollution solution podcast. The national geographic podcast, the animal planet podcast on a low budget. STOP ocean pollution.

In memory of Andrew Grady Singer. Happy B-day. You were the coolest person I’ve ever known.

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Click me to remove a pound of trash from the oceans

If you want to support Mountain Ocean Project. We are not Animal Planet podcast. Nor a National Geographic podcast. We are an ocean podcast. A podcast about nature, a podcast about ocean pollution, a podcast about animals, a podcast for all living things. Love the podcast share it. Click the image below to take action against ocean pollution.

You can support us on our patreon as well! Get exclusive merch and podcast content! Become a Patron!

best ocean podcast
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