Save The Ocean Podcast – Pull A Pound With Every Download

Save the Ocean Podcast is our podcast to end ocean pollution. To stop single use plastics from entering our oceans which accounts for roughly 80-90% of ocean pollution. Mountain Ocean Project has removed over 7,000 lbs of trash from oceans.

Our founder Austen Anderson graduated from Texas A&M at Galveston with a B.S. in Marine Biology
We’re looking in for ocean lovers to connect with ever wanted to ask questions and start discussions

Youtube Channel Documentary:

MOP’s Youtube Channel: and Save The Ocean Podcast

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Well you can! We have a call in page where you can leave a voice message. Its really easy just click the link and leave a message lets connect. It can be about plastic pollution, sea turtle conservation, recycling or anything really! 

Even though I’m a biologist and would love to research corals I believe the solution is social. Coral bleaching isn’t going to stop unless we change

 Recycling, business innovation, social movements, planting trees, turning oil run cars into electric is my vision of stopping our environmental crisis.

 A podcast that removes a pound of trash with each view or download that sounds so amazing. So I created Save the Ocean Podcast – STOP ocean pollution.

Mountain Ocean Project is looking for others to connect with you can call into our podcast and leave a message we can reply to it. I want to create awareness to any environmental issues.

causes of ocean pollution

If you want to support Mountain Ocean Project. We are not Animal Planet podcast. Nor a National Geographic podcast. We are an ocean podcast. A podcast about nature, a podcast about ocean pollution, a podcast about animals, a podcast for all living things. Love the podcast share it. Click the image below to take action against ocean pollution.

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