8 Steps – Solution to Our Climate Crissis

how to stop our climate crisis

We as humans face the biggest challenge of human kind. According to the UN we have less than 12 years before climate change is irreversible…. or less. Climate change is already flooding cities threatening species, destroying corals and much more. Find out how you can help stop climate change and help our beautiful planet stay beautiful.

What can we do to stop this from happening? What’s the real solution?

Heres our list to end climate change

  1. Education, knowledge, and awareness.If you don’t know then you can’t take action. The youth is the future teach them about issues and how they can help make a difference. Lead by example and share valuable lessons you’ve learned.
  2. Recycle the plastic we do use and refuse it when we don’t need it. Plastic bags is a great example, we use it for 12 minutes and its life span is roughly 12 mins. This is incredibly irresponsible and lazy. Reusable bags are an easy solution.
  3. Refuse Single Use Plastics and Switch to biodegradable or edible plastics. 80-90% of ocean pollution is single use plastics. Businesses and hospitals, etc is a very hard vision to imagine without single use plastics, imagine Amazon not using plastic. Its just not going to happen a lot of what we use every day is plastic. We need to refuse petro-plastics and single use plastics.

climate change how to solve

            4. Greener Businesses the way it should be seen to a business going green makes your business more efficient sometimes the startup is more expensive but in the long run it will make you more money. Also over 90% of customers will pay a premium for more sustainable products.

            5. Renewable Energy and Government Subsidizing The largest amount of US subsidies are for oil and gas production. The total for 2015/2016 was an avg of 15bn a year in a fiscal support for oil and gas. Is being eco-friendly expensive? Not 15bn expensive and if it is wouldn’t our future be worth investing in?

solve climate change

            6. Make Trash A Resource, because quite frankly it is. We could be managing our waste as a valuable resource to build roads, buildings, and much more. Some companies and non-profits are already doing just that. Treat the waste make it environmentally friendly and UV resistant and you have a very valuable resource. Imagine if the government subsidized building roads out of landfill waste instead of new raw materials. Guess it’s a dream let’s make it a reality.

            7. Plant Trees and stop deforestation 2019 is already showing an increase of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. Roughly 2019 deforestation rate of the Amazon has increased by 20% already this year. Trees clean our air add nutrients to soil and lower air temperature. Trees are exactly what our environment needs right now. Just four commodities – cocoa, beef, and palm oil products – drive the majority of tropical deforestation. Avoid these products to help preserve the environment.

climate change solution

            8. Make Saving The Planet Social and see the greatest challenge of humanity as an opportunity to rewrite history books. We all know the future with our current system and we can already see our actions destroying our planet. There are solutions we just have to apply them and invest in them.

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