Free Yoga – Galveston Plastic Pollution – What is Eco Yoga?  

Free Yoga Galveston

How is Eco Yoga Healing Galveston? 

The community of Galveston seems like they want change, that they want cleaner bodies, cleaner beaches, and cleaner waters. How do we accomplish this?

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        Next Cleanup – Aug 17th Sat – 6:30pm

With free yoga and eco warriors! Wherever you are give your community a common goal. Here in Galveston we have a ocean pollution problem. All of the oceans of the world have become landfills.  Every minute, one garbage truck filled with plastic dumps into our oceans.

Eco Yoga is a form of yoga that combines your body with healing of the natural environment. To breathe clean air into your lungs and to remove toxic litter from the oceans of our planet. Practice it in your hometown. Basically you do yoga and help beautify your environment, whether that’s a beach cleanup or planting trees. Connect yoga with environmentalism and you have eco yoga.

Eco Warriors don’t have to be yogis, they don’t even have to do yoga at all. We welcome everyone and anyone willing to beautify Galveston. We want to share a common goal with the locals of Galveston, to rid Galveston Island of litter.

Become An Eco Warrior

Free Yoga Galveston

The whole day was filled with purpose, strength, determination, and connection. The warrior in you wants a mission, something to look forward to. You want to feel alive. We all do. We as humans strive to feel a burning passion within something. You can make a positive impact in your community and start a beach clean up… or start a green movement where ever you are.

One eco warrior wrote after his experience cleaning up the ocean with MOP.

 “It was an exhilarating way to start the day. Networking with positive, motivated people inspires me to want to be a stronger, smarter, faster, more disciplined and hyper-focused version of myself.” – @kettlebellcore 

These are such kind words, you never know what people go through on a day to day basis. But you can’t let the world bring you down. We want to lift each other up and we want to end ocean pollution.

Free Yoga Galveston
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If you want free kettle bell workouts check Jacob out. Jacob does all of his workouts on the beach!

MOP isn’t about a person or even a logo, we want to share our passion and purpose to save the ocean with everyone. Yoga and beach cleanups are both simple ways to feel connected to just about anyone. Use the hashtag #ecoyoga so the movement can spread. We might shout you out!

Free Yoga Galveston

We hope to share the love, to feel the ocean breeze, and to chat positive changes with you at the next cleanup August 17th @6:30pm, location TBA. You can sign up by clicking the button below.

Eco Warriors

free yoga Galveston

From the words of our yoga instructor, 

“Thanks to @mop_galveston for hosting his beach cleanups! Go out and support him sometime, his heart is totally in the right place. And thank you to @jakumelski for the photos! If you see trash on the beach – don’t complain about it! Pick it up! much love to all of y’all” 

If you want positivity in your life follow @honeybeedancefreeyogi on IG!

eco yoga galveston

Free Yoga Galveston

Thank you for everyone who came out! We removed 200 pounds of plastic from the beaches of Galveston. The eco warriors that helped are truly amazing and I couldn’t thank everyone who helped enough. I could name every single one of you, but you know who you are… Eco Warriors.

Much love see you next cleanup on Saturday August 17th 6:30 pm. Subscribe below an stay connected.

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