Flood Protector – Solution to Ocean Pollution at the Source

All drains lead to the ocean. Why do we allow trash to go down our drains? We have an easy solution to end flooding and ocean pollution. Our idea is a device that attaches to the inside of a storm drain and stops trash from entering our waterways. But let’s go over the problem first.

TOP 5 SUPPORTING ARTICLES – Trash Clogs Sewers and Causes Flooding

Trash Clogging Drains


#5 National Geographic – Huge Blobs of Fat and Trash Are Filling the World’s Sewers 

On September 12, workers in London discovered one of the biggest fatbergs ever seen, in the East End neighborhood of Whitechapel. Measuring more than 800 feet long and weighed an estimated 130 metric tons, according to the London utility provider Thames Water. 

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Storm Drains Clogging with Trash

#4 Looking to Cut Plastics Pollution in the Ocean? Start Upstream.

In 2017, city crews removed 67 tons of litter, including tires and shopping carts, from the stormwater system. The Philadelphia Water Department also operates three marine vessels that clean up trash from the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers, last year removing more than 12 tons of trash in all.

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Trash Pollution Clogging Drains

#3 Ocean Pollution the Dirty Facts

Where does all this debris originate? While some is dumped directly into the seas, an estimated 80 percent of marine litter makes its way there gradually from land-based sources―including those far inland―via storm drains, sewers, and other routes. (An excellent reason why we should all reduce plastic pollution, no matter where we live.) 

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Trash Drain Ocean

#2 Each Year, Billions of Pounds of Trash Enters Our Oceans – NOAA

A majority of the trash and debris that covers our beaches comes from storm drains and sewers, as well as from shoreline and recreational activities. Abandoned or discarded fishing gear is also a major problem because this trash can entangle, injure, maim, and drown marine wildlife and damage property.

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trash causing floods

#1 Illegal Dumping Could Be Causing Flooding

It’s not just the immediate areas that could be affected by trashed-induced clogging. Sesin says the drainage pipes, which are interconnected, can also cause flooding in urban parts of the county.

Cleaning crews make trips out to the areas surrounding the drainage ditches almost daily, says Sesin. Often times, the crews will remove large furniture and appliances illegally dumped in this areas.

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What these articles all conclude
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How trash and ocean pollution causes flooding:

runoff infographic drain

Basically trash collects in the streets. Rain causes trash to flow down storm drains. Litter and debris ends up clogging  storm drains, which then causes streets to flood. This phenomenon causes millions of dollars in damages every year.

Our storm drain filter’s proven design and concept stops 80% of ocean pollution and helps prevent flooding. Our device is called the Eco Flood Protector and it will end ocean pollution and prevent flooding. Texas A&M University’s engineering program (Capstone) has accepted our project to build our filter and conduct sample studies of it’s success. These studies will show how effective our filter is at stopping ocean pollution and flooding.

Heres a flyer for the 2018 Showcase Event Sponsored by Texas A&M University’s Capstone Program

ending ocean pollution and flooding


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