How to Recycle – Every Question You’ve Ever Had – Answered

how to recycle in Galveston

Need More Info? Search Below – This Guide is a brief overview – We elaborate on each material in our blogs.

Why should you use this guide?

In this guide we will go over literally everything. Hopefully when you’re recycling you can come to this guide and have all your recycling questions answered. I will make continuous updates to this form and post questions I’ve been asked about recycling here.

Hit ctrl + f to search for keywords such as plastics, lids, plastic bags etc.

Also check out our FAQ’s below (will update as I receive more questions)

This guide is for curbside recycling, recycling changes depending on your region and area. Most of these rules apply across the nation, but check for your area. 

I would also like to add just because something has a recycling symbol on it doesn’t mean its recyclable. Companies use the recycling symbol for marketing purposes. The recycling symbol isn’t a regulated certification.

Ultimately anything can be recycled all you have to do is find a company or a person that will recycle the item. I saw something today that had the recycling symbol on it but I knew it wasn’t recyclable. BUT I bet there’s someone on this planet that could recycle it, that doesn’t mean everyone should toss it in their bin. Make sense?

recycling in Galveston

If you can’t find your item on the following list, its probably not recyclable

If its not on this list or falls into a category below and I didn’t specify and you think it’s recyclable ask me!


Smaller than your hand put in trash can. Straws, balloons, tiny pieces of plastic, paper or cardboard all in the trash can. Lids are recyclable just keep them on the bottle.

 No grocery bags, No plastic bags, of any kind thick or thin, small or big, all not recyclable. No chip bags, if you call it a bag its doesn’t belong in your recycling bin. Grocery stores recycle shopping bags and thin LDPE bags (typical grocery bags). Remember this guide is for curbside recycling.

No silverware, No wrappers of any kind. No candy wrappers, candy cane wrappers.


Aluminum cans are recyclable, please rinse out any liquid residue. I avoid aluminum foil, mostly because it often has grease and food residue, which will contaminate large batches of aluminum.

Aluminum thin wrappers, aluminum seals, aren’t recyclable.


Paper and Cardboard should never be combined, they need to be separated. Try imagining managing the world’s waste, and everything, different thickness with different properties is being combined its going to make it impossible to recycle tonnes and tonnes of mixed materials.

Shredded paper is not recyclable, remember this might be different in your area.

Sticky notes aren’t recyclable, even though some facilities have methods of removing glues from items.

Receipts aren’t recyclable.

Sticky notes and receipts do more harm to the environment even when recycled, that’s why I avoid these things.


No pizza boxes, no grease stains, no food stains.

Don’t have to remove tape but makes it more eco friendly if you do.

Paper and cardboard need to be separated.

Corrugated cardboard is two sheets of cardboard with zig zag in between the sheets. Normal packing boxes.

Paperboard is a cardboard made for products such as cereal boxes and food.


Remove lids, clean and rinse.

Metal lids off of glass can be recycled, such as bottle caps which can be recycled with aluminum cans

Plastic lids off of glass toss in the trash. DON’T recycle wine corks at the curb. Take them to your local BevMo, or find another ReCork drop-off.

Even if it’s recyclable container-type glass, don’t put any broken glass in your recycling bin. Broken glass is a hazard to workers who collect and sort your recyclables

Glass bakeware, oven glass, baking glass, is not recyclable because it melts at a different temperature than glass containers such as bottles. Same thing goes for ceramics and coffee mugs, all these items can be taken to goodwill.

Lightbulbs aren’t recyclable – although you can recycle them at some department stores.


Styrofoam is awful please don’t use this stuff. If its Styrofoam it can be recycled under our program. But please avoid this stuff at all costs.

Although its awful we recycle styrofoam, but most places don’t recycle styrofoam, because it is a very difficult process to recycle styrofoam.

Please please avoid this stuff. I’ve seen it litter are beaches like someone poured buckets of rice everywhere.

Tetra packs/Cartons

Tetrapacks (tetrapaks, tetra packs) aren’t recyclable.

They’re made of aluminum, plastic, and paperboard, which make it nearly impossible to recycle.


Many municipal recycling programs do not accept plastic/paper hybrid cartons, including juice containers and ice cream cartons, almond milk cartons, cardboard cartons.

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