How to Recycle – Plastics​ (Complete Recycling Guide)

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Smaller than your hand put in trash can. Straws, balloons, tiny pieces of plastic, paper or cardboard all in the trash can. Lids are recyclable just keep them on the bottle.

 No grocery bags

No plastic bags, of any kind thick or thin, small or big, all not recyclable. 

No chip bags, if you call it a bag its doesn’t belong in your recycling bin.

 Grocery stores recycle shopping bags and thin LDPE bags (typical grocery bags). Remember this guide is for curbside recycling.

No silverware, No wrappers of any kind. No candy wrappers, candy cane wrappers.

No plastic tags from clothes


No plastic silverware even the bag it comes in isn’t recyclable.

No plastic packaging 

No plastic labels – you can leave plastic labels on water bottles etc. But they’re not recycled and become removed during the recycling process

No fragmented plastics

No random plastic parts such as car interior or plastic hardware for appliances etc.

Basically we accept all containers used for food storage or beverage – besides tuber ware (take it to GoodWill) – No to go food storage made out of Styrofoam or paper or bio-plastics (compostable plastics)

No shampoo pumps or soap pumps.

No binders – no pens 

No laundry baskets or large containers – Take it to GoodWill

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