How to Recycle Glass – Everything Recycle Guide

How Should You Recycle Glass – Recycle Anything Guide

Remove lids, clean and rinse.

Metal lids off of glass can be recycled, such as bottle caps which can be recycled with aluminum cans

Plastic lids off of glass toss in the trash. DON’T recycle wine corks at the curb. Take them to your local BevMo, or find another ReCork drop-off.

Even if it’s recyclable container-type glass, don’t put any broken glass in your recycling bin. Broken glass is a hazard to workers who collect and sort your recyclables

Glass bakeware, oven glass, baking glass, is not recyclable because it melts at a different temperature than glass containers such as bottles. Same thing goes for ceramics and coffee mugs, all these items can be taken to goodwill.

Lightbulbs aren’t recyclable – although you can recycle them at some department stores.

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