New Years Eve 2019 Galveston – Fireworks Environmental Impact?

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As a kid you were memorized or terrified of fireworks. The explosions would catch your eyes in “Aw” or “Ahhhh!”. Terrified or memorized the aftermath of fireworks isn’t beautiful in no way shape or form.

We promote knowledge of our environment. We stand for positive changes. We aren’t here to tell you what to do. We just want to give you the information and you decide for yourself what actions you should take to make Galveston a better place for us all to live in.

Clean air, clean water, and clean soil is not a political game. This is not a political post we all need these things to be clean for survivial. Certain areas of the world are experiencing uninhabitable air conditions, in which some negative air conditions are directly correlated to fireworks displays. We want to share our findings. We want to be able to explore and enjoy Galveston without a gas mask.

We should know the implications that result by the actions of just a few people. Certain individuals, businesses, and groups host fireworks, but all of us are effected by it. What implications do fireworks have on our environment and public health. According to the EPA its not good, not good for anyone at all.

Cities across the globe experience air pollution so thick citizens walk around with gas masks. Cities such as India, DwaliChina, BejingUtah, Salt Lake City.

Fireworks in Galveston on New Years Eve 2019 should be a classic celebration. Yet when should a tradition be left in the past? When should progression take over? The science and statistics are there. According to the EPA air pollution caused by Fireworks is directly correlated to negative health implications such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, asthma attacks and even heart attacks.

After fireworks chemical toxins and actually physical pieces fall down to the ground polluting our soil and water systems. Many minerals used to create fireworks are mined from mountains, which is destructive process of cutting down forests and natural habitats.

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PM 2.5 can travel to every cell and organ, enter the bloodstream and trigger all kinds of diseases, Moench warned. “Particulate matter is associated with increased rates of heart attacks and strokes and sudden death, just about every respiratory disease that we know of.”


Across India’s cities, the annual Diwali fireworks cause pollution that is far worse than Beijing on a bad day.

Whats the Solution? Can We Still Have Fireworks?

“But the celebrations don’t have to be marred by chemicals and an ever-expanding carbon footprint! In Sydney, Australia, for example, the city’s famous fireworks display (it’s always the first one to go off!) is 100 percent carbon neutral.”


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