What is SFO?
What Does It Mean for Our Oceans?

“Ever since I was young I wanted to clean the environment, it is who I am. I feel this down to my core. From a tragic chemical spill of my past someone close to me has been directly impacted by pollution. This is who I am and I’d like to get to know who you’re at SFO.” – Austen Anderson

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Raising Awareness For Ocean Pollution

Sounds For Ocean Festival Galveston

FREE to Attend! Join us March 7th for a Beer to Clean Galveston Island. Ocean Documentary Premiere & Collaborative Art Piece Revealed.

Kid Friendly – Dog Friendly

Hosted by Devil and the Deep Brewery. 

At SFO enjoy some tasty beers as the brewery features the work of DEM, Robert Kuhn, tons of local art, photographers, organizations, businesses and more.

Sponsors: Devil and the Deep Brewery, Galveston Bay Foundation… TBA

Presented by Mountain Ocean Project – Galveston Bay Foundation – Moody Gardens

Event Website

Become A Sponsor

Auction Donations

Borbala Suranyi L.M.T
Lola Kai
Devlyn Mahanay Art
More TBD if you want to donate a prize email us at mopgalveston@gmail.com

beach clean up Galveston cleanup

We are featuring tons of local art and photographers. We would love for your work to be part of this event so please reach out to us.

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Lets Get Personal

I’ve been trying to build a device to end ocean pollution it has been on my mind for years now. I need your help making my dreams comes true. I do it from the bottom of my soul and I can’t wait to share with you what I have planned to make Houston and Galveston a better place for us all to live. Thank you. Sincerely, Austen Anderson, founder of Mountain Ocean Project

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