Local Surfers Come Together for Marine Debris – Be Free Art Display

surfer trash wave

Surfer/Artist Gabriel Prusmack on Wave Sculpture Made with 100% Ocean Trash


This art display is made out of ocean trash and recycled materials to raise awareness on plastic pollution of our oceans. This is our mission to battle against marine debris and bringing the community together to be free.


Helping: Raise awareness and raising funds to clean the beaches of Galveston, TX


Purpose: The art display needs a home.

For inquiries please text or call 832-356-9171


All funds raised benefits the artists involved and MOP’s local ocean cleanup projects. 


Artists Involved: Gabriel Prusmack and Jenni Ruth

How Bad is Ocean Pollution?

Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans. Every year an estimated 14 billion pounds of trash-most of it plastic -is dumped in the world’s oceans every year. Over 1 million marine animals (including mammals, fish, sharks, turtles, and birds) are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. Together we can change, together we can heal our environment.

What You’re Supporting


Mountain Ocean Project (MOP) has removed over 17,000 lbs of ocean trash from Galveston, TX. MOP hosts monthly beach cleanups. Our founder Austen Anderson created Mountain Ocean Project to clean the beaches of Galveston. 

Galveston is paradise. We should reflect on our actions. We should reflect on our focus. We should learn that the first step of a loving life is respecting the things around us and the environment around us.

“Austen Anderson is 27 years old and grew up in Deer Park, TX. He learned about many environmental issues while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology at Texas A&M University in Galveston. He became more connected to our local waters through surfing and living in Galveston. He graduated in 2016 and decided to start a project to tackle one of the biggest problems on the planet – trash.” 

– Galveston Bay Foundation


 “I always wanted to create something bigger than me. The point of my project is to help beautify the island of Galveston and to care about our environment and beaches. I want to prevent our beaches from being littered of trash.”         – Austen Anderson

Gabriel Prusmack being free with self expression

Clean Galveston Beaches and Be Free

MOP joined forces with Gabriel and Jenni to create art to raise awareness on ocean pollution and to help keep the beaches of Galveston clean. Gabe’s mission is to be free…

“Being free is a giant part of identity, who you are and why you do what you do. Using design to dissect images is my interpretation of focusing on identity. My bright colors are part of the Joy that I choose to see in everything I touch or interpret”.             –      Gabriel Prusmack 

Gabriel Prusmack performed a live painting at MOP’s Sounds for Ocean Festival on March 7th. The collaborative art piece is completely made out of recycled materials except for a few small pieces of wood to hold it together.

(The artist above) Gabriel grew up on the Gulf Coast in Texas where his love for God and surfing was born. He created his own movement for inspiring others to find their joy. You can see Gabriel manifesting his message and being free. 

Wave of Change – Made of 100% Ocean Trash

surfer trash wave
Funds Removal of 1000 lbs of ocean trash

The second art piece is 6ft x 3ft sculpture entirely made out of ocean trash. The trash wave was constructed by artist Jenni Ruth. 

 “I removed all of this trash from our bays, bayous and oceans. I gathered the materials near the causeway, underneath the bridge, from the West End and lots of rope and other marine debris at the Texas City Dike.”  – Jenni Ruth

You can follow Jenni on IG @JengaRuth

“Wave of Change,” stands as a symbol for change. Ocean pollution is a very big problem. We need change and we need to come together. We have to address our ocean pollution crisis. A healthy ocean is a healthy planet and currently our oceans are on the verge of unrepairable damages.

Mountain Ocean Project and the featured artists came together to show people that ocean pollution is a very large and complex problem. We can clean the beaches of Galveston through outreach and raising awareness. MOP has monthly beach cleanups and has created solutions to prevent ocean pollution at the source.

surfer trash wave

For inquiries for art display please contact:

Ways You Can Support Our Cleanups

Text us at 832-356-9171 

Sign up below for curbside recycling and composting – pickup weekly in Galveston $25 for recycling pickups no hidden fees. Pickup for businesses, residents, apartments etc..


Donate! Below via PayPal via Debit

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Sources:  https://gabrielprusmack.com/artist-statement/

Photos: Photos.by.Ivan

A Local Surfer Dedicated to Keeping Galveston Shorelines Clean

Marine Debris and Plastics

Information About Sea Turtles: Threats from Marine Debris …conserveturtles.org › information-sea-turtles-threats-marine-debris

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